"Fate/Grand Order" Shows Its Celtic Pride (And a Bit of Manservice) in Latest Event

Scathach, the Lancer featured in the promo material for smartphone game Fate/Grand order, is the subject of the latest event

Scathach, the Lancer featured in the promo material for smartphone game Fate/Grand order, is the subject of the latest event, running December 9-16. For this special, limited servant's summon period, the legendary "Oppai Taitsu shishō"  Scottish warrior woman is joined by a harem of shirtless dude in the gacha draws, including new servants Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and Fergus Mac Roich, along with Medea (Lily).



Scathach (Lancer, 5★) - voiced by Mamiko Noto - illustrated by Hirokazu Koyama.

legendary martial arts taeacher of Cú Chulainn 

Noble Phantasm - Gae Bolg Alternative


Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Lancer, 3★) - Hikaru Midorikawa - designed by Takashi Takeuchi

Fate/zero's Lancer


Noble Phantasm  - Gae Dearg & Gae Buidhe


Fergus Mac Roich (Saber, 3★) voiced by Takaya Kuroda, designed by B-suke

Noble Phantasm - Caladbolg


Medea (Lily) (Caster, 4★) - designed by Hirokazu Koyama

(Madea when she was still Jason's wife)

 Also introduced...


New Craft Essences 

Piece of Year 2030

Knight's Pride

Demon Boar



Some fan reaction...


via kotelo, Type-Moon Wiki Fate/Grand Order Wiki and Fate/Grand Order Cirnopedia


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