Santa Alter-san Brings Christmas Goodies to "Fate/Grand Order"

Rider Santa Artoria joined by limited with Jack the Ripper Assassin and Nursery Rhyme Caster

It's Christmas in the Grail Wars. Running in mobile phone game Fate/Grand Order through December 25th, Kinoko Nasu writes the script of the event MCed by Santa Alter-san. As Masters battle up to the Christmas Eve celebation, Evil Santa Rider will stuff their Magical Stockings with item Presents. She's also a special event servent along with limited with  Jack the Ripper Assassin and  Nursery Rhyme Caster.



4★ (SR) Artoria Pendragon (Santa Alter)』Artoria Pendragon -  voiced by Ayako Kawasumi, illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi.

The Type-Moon Wiki explains

Saber Alter, like Elizabeth Báthory, has an alternate holiday-themed incarnation known asSanta Alter (サンタオルタ, Santa Oruta?), the self-described "Evil Santa Claus that cleaves through the breath-freezing winter", under the Rider-class. Having "taken a fancy" to acting as Santa Claus, she has decided to briefly take up the role and deliver gifts as a means of giving "thanks for the life I have." She carries with her a bag of presents containing Craft Essences that she collected, also doubling as a bludgeoning weapon in battle.

She possesses a custom-made sleigh named Llamrei II (ラムレイ二号, Ramurei Ni-gō?), but lost her reindeer after they were scared off upon her using Excalibur Morgan as a "jet engine" to reach the stratosphere. She claims that she can guide the sleigh on her own, but feels that she needs a reindeer to "capture the hearts of the children" and thus commandeers the Protagonist as her reindeer by means of forcibly summoning them as her Master. For fuel, she uses magical energy from stockings, the "crystallized wishes for presents from the children", to travel around the world. 


Assassin ★ SSR Jack the Ripper - from Fate/Apocrypha and  Fate/strange fake - voiced by Sakura Tange, illustrated by  Ototsugu Konoe.


4★ Nursery Rhyme Caster From Fate/Extra - voiced by Nonaka Ai - illustrated by Arco Wada.



 Event Craft Essences

Holy Night Sign


Event Limited Craft Essences


Present for My Master


Silver Bell


Lightning Reindeer

 Servants getting a rate-up for the event

★4 SR Rider Marie Antoinette - voiced by Risa Taneda


3★ R Archer Robin Hood - from Fate/Extra - voiced by Toriumi Kousuke - illustrated by Arco Wada.


3★ R Assassin Jing Ke  - voiced by Atsuko Tanaka, illustrated by Keitarou Takahashi


 via Type-Moon Wiki Fate/Grand Order Wiki and Fate/Grand Order Cirnopedia

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