Cast For "Record of Lodoss War - Online" Heroes Announced

Service opens on February 16th

"Neo-classical" Free-to-play Record of Lodoss War Online MMORPG has been in its latest bug fix premium closed beta since January 29th and opens on February 16th. In anticipation of this, the new designs and voices for the NPC heroes and villains of Ryo Mizuno's fantasy novel series have been introduced. 


The game, developed by Red Stone's L&K Logic Korea and published by GameOn, was first announced in 2013, but was later delayed after alpha testing. 




Parn - Takuma Terashima

Deedlit - Aya Endo


Etoh - Daisuke Sakaguchi


Ghim - Minoru Inaba


Woodchuck - Hiroaki Hirata


Slayn - Tomokazu Sugita


Karla - Kikuko Inoue


Ashram - Hiroki Takahashi


The game, which has a classic, top down look meant to appeal to fans in their late 30s/early 40s, will offer players the chance to play as Esquires (knights), Oracles (priests) or Magic Users, with the races featured in the fantasy adventure, and start with a story based on Lodoss' "Gray Witch" before progressing further into the series' plot. Familiar heroes such as Parn and Deedlit will also be making appearances.

The launch raises the level cap from the Beta's 20 to 30 and adds a Rogue class.

via Dengeki Online

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