VIDEO: Behind-The-Scenes Clip for "BBK/BRNK" ED Song MV

MYTH&ROID's 2nd single "ANGER/ANGER" hits stores February 24

Kadokawa's official anime YouTube channel today posted a behind-the-scenes clip for the music video of "ANGER/ANGER," the ED theme song for the ongoing TV anime BBK/BRNK, performed by [email protected]'s contemporary creative unit MYTH & ROID (pronounced as Miss Android) featuring vocalist Mayu.


[email protected] has been well-known for his song writing works for many popular anime titles including K-ON!, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai and Encouragement of Climb. His new unit MYTH & ROID released its 1st single "L.L.L." on August 26, 2015, and it was used as the ED theme song for the Overlord TV anime. "ANGER/ANGER" will be available in Japan on February 24.


BBK/BRNK, Tokyo-based acclaimed CG production studio Sanjigen's 10th anniversary original TV anime is now available to Crunchyroll members worldwide except for Asia, Spain, Portugal, Australia,

New Zealand; and German, French, Italian and Dutch Speaking Europe.



"ANGER ANGER" behind-the-scenes clip



Short version MV



CD jacket



Artist photo



1st single "L.L.L." full MV


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