Kazuo Koike's Wife Sticks Up For Fujoshi with Snappy Remark

Mr. Koike relates on Twitter how Mrs. Koike won't tolerate fujoshi-bashing


The popularity of certain manga and TV anime (such as Mr. Osomatsu) with the "boy's love" appreciating female segment of the fandom known as fujoshi has led to a recent rash of print and online articles deploring the supposedly questionable behavior, dress habits, and personal appearances of fujoshi.


Legendary manga author Kazuo Koike took to Twitter recently to relate his wife's response to all of the recent fujoshi-bashing, and to relay a warning about judging people by their outward appearances:



Today's Words of Wisdom from My Household, Part 2:

"Excuse me? Fujoshi are a 'gross' group? So how exactly can you tell from my outward appearance that I'm an apprentice fujoshi, then? Show me an otaku that you can tell is an otaku just by looking at him, and I'll show you a pampered, spoiled brat otaku, indeed!"


Truly, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Mrs. Koike is one classy lady.



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