Jessica Nigri To Reprise Lead Role For "Communication With Sonico"

Game now available for pre-order ahead of a summer release

JAST USA has announced their addition of new feature Sonicomi: Communication With Sonico that will allow the player to select either the original Japanese Super Sonico or a new English dub option. The English dub will feature the voice of cosplay celebrity Jessica Nigri, who also did the English dub for Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation. 



The game's release is scheduled for this summer.


The PC version of the game puts the player in the role of a professional photographer whose latest job is to shoot up-and-coming model/Nitroplus music mascot Super Sonico. It will be offered with a limited edition featuring acrylic figure of Super Sonico with new original artwork by Tsuji Santa, plus collectable cards with art from the game, along with a Steam digital distribution key for $55 and a collector's edition with the limited edition bonus, plus a full-body ( 1.5kg, and 450mm×230mm×30mm) mousepad with Tsuji Santa art $160.




Your camera points up towards towards the stage, focusing on the next up-and-coming star, Super Sonico. However, the road to fame takes more than just a pretty face. As her new cameraman it's your job to help her succeed in becoming a model and musical star.

Back at the office you'll meet with Sonico's manager and clients to discuss upcoming photo shoots, and it's up to you to make sure Super Sonico looks her best.You'll need to meet the needs of each client, which will requires various outfits for Sonico to wear when shooting at locations such as classrooms, cafes, beaches or at live concerts. So with one eye through the camera's viewfinder you'll need to position yourself to get the best shots, all while monitoring Sonico's mood and energy levels. A good cameraman knows how to get the best from their models, so you'll direct Super Sonico to pose, relax and play.

Between each studio set, you'll get a chance to talk with Super Sonico about her personal life. These precious moments will bring you closer to Sonico than you've ever been!




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