"Wagamama High Spec" Lastet PV Posted for April 11 Premiere

Directed by Satoshi Shimizu (Yo-Kai Watch, Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic)

Madosoft's official YouTube channel has posted a 30-second PV for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of its PC adult bishoujo game Wagamama High Spec narrated by the main voice cast (who are different from the adult game version) for an April 11 premiere. The X-rated game will be available two weeks later, April 28, and its English version is also scheduled to be released by Sekai Project sometime in this year. 


The game's story centers on the second grade high school student Kouki Narumi who has also worked as a professional manga story writer secretly. One day he learns Kaoruko Rokuonji, the president of the student council at his school Ousui Academy, is also his manga's illustrator. Kaoruko, who has been looking for a male member, asks him to join the council. Then his school life with bishoujo student council members begins.


The Wagamama High Spec TV anime will premiere on April 11 at 10:35am PDT and will be available to

Crunchyroll members worldwide except for Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.



TV anime main voice cast:

 Kaoruko Rokuonji: Mariko Honda (Kurimu Sakurano in Student Council's Discretion)

 Ashe R. Sakuragi: Megu Sakuragawa (Tsubasa Kira in Love Live!)

 T oa Narumi: Mai Goto (Ryubi in Shin Koihime Musou)

 Mihiro Miyase: Chiyo Ousaki (Sara Rukawa in Da Capo III)






Main visual



Source: "Wagamam High Spec" TV anime official website


© Madosoft/Ousui Academy School Council


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