Bandai Visual to Release "Mobile Fighter G Gundam" Blu-ray Box Sets

Newly-recorded audio commentaries will be included

Gundam.Info confirmed today that Bandai Visual will release two Blu-ray box sets of Sunrise's Mobile Fighter G Gundam TV anime in Japan this fall. The first non-UC Gundam TV series was aired for 49 episodes from April 1994 to March 1995, after the fourth Gundam series Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. The fifth Gundam series featuring the "Gundam Fight" tournament achieved enough success to continue more non-UC series, followed by Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (1995-1996) and After War Gundam X (1996).


The first box set containing the 1st to 24th episodes will be released on September 23 at the reference price of 34,000 yen (excluding tax/about 312 US dollars), then the second set with the 25th to last 49th episodes will follow on November 25 at the same price. The visuals are remastered from the new master positive films by HD scanning, realizing "the best quality in the G Gundam history."


Both box sets include a 100-page booklet, a newly-edited drama CD originally released in 1994, a newly-

recorded audio commentary, a box with new art drawn by the mobile fighter designer Kunio Ogawara, and

inner jackets drawn by Hiroki Kanno (animation director) Eiji Nakada (animator). 



90-second PV



15-second CM



Box art for the first set


Main visual


Source: Gundam.Info


(C) Sotsu/Sunrise


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