"Nanoha ViVid" TV Anime Season 2 Listed

Pachinko promo material lists for 2017

Spotted on the promo material for a new pachiko machine tie-in to the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha multi-media spin-off of the Triangle Heart eroge series, a second season of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid was listed for 2017.


So far, a follow-up to A-1 Pictures' 2015 adaptation of Masaki Tsuzuki and Takuya Fujima's ongoing manga has not been announced elsewhere, but, a Seven Arcs' produced ViVid Strike was recently announced for fall 2016.


Vividred Operation assistant director Yuuki Itoh helmed the earlier A-1 Pictures production with Naruo Kobayashi writing and animator Masaaki Yamano (Working!!, Servant x Service) on character designs. ToHeart2's Naruo Kobayashi is credited as main writer.


Cast included

Vivio Takamachi: Kaori Mizuhashi 
Einhard Stratos: Mamiko Noto 
Rio: Eri Kitamura
Corona: Misato Fukuen 
Nanoha: Yukari Tamura
Fate · T ·Harlaown: Nana Mizuk



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