Osamu Tezuka Stars And "Evangelion" Angels Finally Meet For Kawaii Collaboration

The store is also preparing second and third jigsaw puzzles from Sushio (of Kill La Kill fame)

Back in 2012 The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka-city, Hyogo Prefecture presented an Evangelion exhibit with production material, life-sized character figures, models, dioramas and plenty of paraphernalia. Despite this and despite Evangelion's promiscuous approach to crossovers and merchandising, it doesn't seem like its done anime mash-ups with the characters by seminal manga and anime creator Osamu Tezuka. In honor of Evangelion Store Tokyo-01's fifth anniversary, this omission is being corrected.


In this celebration, Yuzushito, the Laid-back Angel mascot of the Evangelion stores meets and imitates classic Tezuka characters like Astro Boy, Rock, Phoenix and Unico in a series of merchandise items. So far, only lunch boxes are specifically mentioned. These will be offered at a special Tezu x Yuru pop-up shop  at Shinjuku Marui Annex November 2-15, with Leo and Yuzushito 4th Angel greeting visitors.




The store is also preparing second and third jigsaw puzzles from Sushio (of Kill La Kill fame)


Earlier Asuka



And, there are new fifth anniversary visuals of the cast wearing store items




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