"Evangelion × Joypolis Impact" Marks 20th Anniversary of Theme Park

Get in the Robot at Tokyo Joypolis from November Through January!

The Tokyo branch of Sega's Joypolis theme park chain is celebrating its 20th anniversary with some serious impact. From November 22, 2016 to January 9, 2017, Tokyo Joypolis will be collaborating with Gainax to run an event they're calling "Evangelion × Joypolis Impact."



In the past, Tokyo Joypolis has run similar events themed to Danganronpa and Sweetness and Lightning. However, they're expecting Evangelion's massive fanbase to bring in even more guests than either of these previous collaborations.


For a limited time, their Geki-on Live Coaster -- a combination roller coaster/music game -- will be converted into a special Eva-themed attraction. It promises to give passengers the sensation of being in the cockpit of an Eva, accentuating the expecience with music from Rebuild of Evangelion.


Source: otakomu.jp




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