Tokuma Shoten Releases "Maho Girls PreCure!" Special Issue Tomorrow

Latest feature film has earned 20 percent higher than last year's Princess PreCure film

Japanese publisher Tokuma Shoten announced that "Maho Girls PreCure! Special Issue," an 86-page extra issue of its anime magazine Animage, will be released in Japan tomorrow, November 19. The 1,200-yen issue features the ongoing 13th TV anime series Mahou Tsukai PreCure!/Maho Girls PreCure! and its feature film Eiga Mahou Tsukai PreCure! Kiseki no Henshin! Cure Mofurun! (Maho Girls PreCure! The Movie: Miracle Transformation! Cure Mofurun!) released on October 29. Tokuma has released a special issue dedicated to a PreCure feature film every fall since 2014. 


It was reported that the 21st film's opening weekend gross was 26% up from the last year's Go! Princess PreCure the Movie: Go! Go!! Splendid Triple Feature!!!, that collected around 560 million yen from its total theatrical run. And the next feature film PreCure Dream Stars! is already set for a release in Japan on March 18, 2017. 


*images from the issue below are officially provided by the publisher


Cover illustration is newly drawn by the anime character designer Emiko Miyamoto


Special pinup "How to Walk in the Daimahou Festival"


 Round-table talk by the four main voice actresses


Charcater reference: Mirai Asahina/Cure Miracle



Character reference: Riko Izayoi/Cure Magical


Story introduction of the film



"Eiga Mahou Tsukai PreCure! Kiseki no Henshin! Cure Mofurun!" trailer


"PreCure Dream Stars!" teaser


Source: Tokuma Shoten press release


(C) ABC/Tosi Animation

(C) 2016 Movie Mahou Tsukai PreCure! Production Committee


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