FEATURE: Fullmetal Alchemist Character Poll Results

Hello everyone!! Today we’ll be releasing the results of our recent FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST POLL! To celebrate both Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood AND Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa now being available on Crunchyroll, we ran a poll on the front page of Crunchyroll to figure out who the most popular characters from the franchise are in 2016.



Who do you think took the top of the list? Did the titular “Fullmetal Alchemist” take the top spot, or did one of the heroes who helped carry the franchise to its status as one of the best anime of all time take the crown? We’ll be marching through the top 5, revealing the full list of all 5,500+ votes as we go along. Thanks for joining us!



#5: Alex Louis Armstrong


With 394 votes, the mustached Alex Louis Armstrong comes in…strong. My daily inspiration at the gym, Armstrong is a mountain of a man who serves the military with great honor and care. His devotion to Mustang is beyond admirable, and his love for the Elric brothers shows that the Armstrongs can be known for their warmth just as much as their...chill



#4: Greed 


The ultimate shield crashes into the fourth-place slot, it’s the homunculus Greed!! With a Philosopher’s Stone at his core and a insatiable grin on his face, Greed is the most irresistible of Father’s children - after all, he just wants to live a happy (immortal) life. Like his name implies, Greed wants everything: fancy clothes, good food, your votes…but at 4th place, he was only able to claim 468 of your hearts.



#3: Alphonse Elric


It’s no surprise to see the younger Elric brother taking a top spot on the list!! After a terrible transmutation accident during childhood, Al exists without a corporeal body, instead inhabiting a suit of armor. Al is sweet and considerate, and is able to mediate the inevitable tensions that arise in the wake of his older brother. He's not without his faults, but Al is the real deal - a genuine guy who always puts others before himself. Besides, how can you dislike anyone who will save a stray cat?



#2: Roy Mustang


The lady-killing "Flame Alchemist" claims silver in the Crunchyroll character poll, pulling in two votes shy of 1,300. We were so close to miniskirts for everyone! But besides his less-flattering traits, Mustang is a supremely competent leader and commander - an expert tactician who can bring the best out of everyone underneath his banner.

As an unapologetic Mustang devotee, I’m happy to see him win so many hearts, but I do wish he could claim that #1 slot. But I don’t think anyone will be shocked by who topped him:


#1: Edward Elric 


Ed finally didn’t come up short! The winner of our poll - with a whopping 1,500 votes - is the Fullmetal Alchemist himself! Our rarely-humble protagonist is the kind of hero we love to follow: he’s overfilled with passion, he fights for equality and justice for the smallest in society. Even with a brash exterior, he can be unbelievably loyal to those who have earned his trust, and remarkably sweet to those closest to him. Thank you, Ed, for letting us follow your adventures - we're happy to see you at the top of the list!

And now, for the full results:



Edward Elric


Roy Mustang


Alphonse Elric




Alex Louis Armstrong


Riza Hawkeye


Winry Rockbell


Ling Yao


Van Hohenheim








And that's our list!! Thank you so much for everyone who voted, and make sure to check out Fullmetal Alchemst Brotherhood and Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa on Crunchyroll ~

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