Band King Crimson Discusses "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" Stand King Crimson (Spoiler Warning)

Music themed naming continues for factor into Jojo's for Part V, Vento Aureo

Now that Diamond Is Unbreakable is over, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fans are looking for an anime adaptation of Part V, Vento Aureo, in which the action moves to Italy and a lot more fashion designer inspired names start appearing. One of its Stands that still has a music themed name is British prog-rock inspired King Crimson (Emperor Crimson in English localizations of the fighting games). It's one of those Stands with confusing time powers (think Killer Queen's Bites The Dust). 


One of the people (at least jokingly) trying to figure out what that's all about is King Crimson leader is only consistent member Robert Fripp.





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