"Shinobumonogatari" Novel To Kick Off Monster Season

The "Off Season" sub-series wraps up with Musubimonogatari ("Binding Story"), out on January 12th

The "Off Season" sub-series of Monogatari light novels,written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Vofan, wraps up with  Musubimonogatari ("Binding Story"), out on January 12th with Senjougahara Hitagi on its cover. A slightly early look at this has revealed that 2017 will bring "Monster Season," starting with a book called Shinobumonogatari. 


A Musubimonogatari  teaser-Tweet notes that it is set 5 years after earlier stories, when 23-year-old Araragi has become a police officer. 


Teaser text for Shinobumonogatari says "What of the one who named the legendary oddity(ies) Araragi Koyomi confronts?" and "Do not overlook the blade-point, which has endured a long age of submission and gleams."




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