Tokyo Company Speecys Reveals World's First Dancing Robot Idol Figure Kosaka Cocona

Her debut event will be held in Premium Incentive Show from February 8 to 10

Tokyo-based robot company Speecys announced today that it will start accepting orders for its world's first robot idol figure that can sing and dance using the "MikuMikuDance" software, Kosaka Cocona, at the price of 980,000 yen (excluding tax/about 8,720 US dollars) from February 8. The 45cm-tall item is based on the company's previously reported real 3D motion figure "Model MOFI7 Pro" that has 34 joints, outer skin made of hard plastic called "Real 3D Skin," and RaspberryPi3 (with Linux) as its CPU.


Cocona is the first idol from the company's "Motion Figure Production." From an original character illustration or photo, the service can offer customers their own idol robot figure with their favorite looks (a permission from the copyright holder is needed to make a figure based on their character). Developing cost for a regular frame figure is 3 million yen (about 26,676 US dollars). 


Speecys plans to hold the robot idol figure's debut event at the "West 4-R01-20" booth in the 55th

Tokyo International Incentive Premium Show's "Robot World Expo" to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from

February 8 to 10. In the event, Cocona will show her newly-programmed dance motions to the visitors. 



"Robot Idol Kosaka Cocona" PV





Source: Speecys press release 


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