Megumi Hayashibara Returns to the World of Rumiko Takahashi in "RIN-NE" Season 3

Miyuki Sawashiro also joins the cast of the new season.

RIN-NE is gearing up for a third season starting this spring, and two new familiar voices will be joining the anime adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi's work -- one being no stranger to Takahashi's world.


Appearing as Rinne and Sakura's new homeroom teacher Hitomi Annette Anematsuri is Miyuki Sawashiro (Puchiko in Di Gi Charat, the current Fujiko Mine in Lupin III). Hitomi is the French/Japanese descendant of a witch, as well as being the keeper of the Scrying Orb, which lets her see glimpses of the past and future.


And in the role of Rinne's mother Otome Rokudo is Megumi Hayashibara, one of whose most memorable roles was as "girl-type" Ranma in Ranma 1/2! Hayashibara stated that she's thrilled to be working on another Takashi project.


The third season of RIN-NE now has a confirmed start date of April 8, 2017.


Source: Natalie Comic




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