Sony Promotes "Hi-Res Audio" Headphones With "Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale"

New TV ads show off product placement and crossover with forthcoming anime film

With Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale being one of the year's highly anticipated anime films, it stands to reason that product tie-ins would follow without much in the way of surprise. However this latest product tie-in by Aniplex parent Sony might be shooting a bit too far past the target demo for SAO.

Sony is one of the many companies involved in pushing the Hi-Res Audio standard, which is a fancy way of selling audio playback equipment that can playback audio files rendered at 96khz/24-bit resolution, which is meant to appeal to the hardest of the hardcore audiophiles that want music fidelity at the expense of convenience. In reality, very few can actually hear the difference between a properly mastered CD and a Hi-Res Audio file. Anyone who says otherwise is blowing smoke, and I'm speaking as a trained recording engineer.


In the case of the ads, Sony is pushing its h.ear on™ Wireless NC MDR-100ABN CINNABAR RED headphones and MDR-1000X BEIGE headphones, headphones that simultaneously support Hi-Res Audio over Bluetooth, NFC and wired connections. I think it's safe to say that the vast majority of filmgoers won't go rushing out to buy the headphones featured in the film, as the h.ear on headphones start at ¥34,880 (USD$307) and the MDR-1000X headphones with noise cancellation start at ¥45339 (USD $399.99). The ad sure does look neat, though.

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