"Kemono Friends" 1st Episode Draws Huge Three Million Views on Nico Nico in Two Months

It is expected to be the most watched TV anime first episode soon

It is confirmed today that the first episode of YAOYOROZU's full 3DCG series Kemono Friends has been legitimately watched over three million times on Nico Nico Douga in two months since its posting on January 13. Nico Nico is one the five official streaming services for the anime in Japan, so more viewing numbers from other services (Gyao, U-NEXT, dAnime Store, Bandai Channel) can be added.


On Nico Nico, the first episode "Savanna Area" reached the one million mark by the end of its first month and has added two million more in its second. As of this writing, it has been viewed 3,017,716 times with 257,663 comments in total. Considering the current overwhelming popularity among anime fans, it is expected to be the most watched TV anime first episode in the history of Nico Nico very soon.


With the three million record, the director Tatsuki posted his comment on his Twitter: "Thank you for the

three million views for the first episode of Kemono Friends! Is it worth making a fuss...? It looks so indeed,

What is happening actually? Anyway I have to back to work and calm down..."





The full 3DCG TV anime Kemono Friends is produced by YAOYOROZU and directed by Tatsuki (Tesagure!

Bukatsu-mono animation director), and has been available to Crunchyroll members worldwide except Asia.


1st PV 


Main visual



Source: Nico Nico, director Tatsuki Tiwtter


(C) Kemono Friends Project A


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