Gō Ayano Stars as Frankenstein's Monster in Romantic TV Drama

RADWIMPS performs theme song for "Frankenstein no Koi", which hits NTV on April 23, 2017

Actor Gō Ayano will play the titular monster in Frankenstein no Koi ("Frankenstein's Love"), an upcoming romantic TV drama set in modern times that draws its inspiration from Mary Shelley's classic Gothic novel, Frankenstein.



Ayano will play the titular monster, an immortal being made of stitched-together corpses who lives apart from humanity, learning about people by listening to the radio and by collecting their cast-off scraps. The monster yearns to be human, and one day he falls in love with a human woman (played by Fumi Nikaido) who works at a university's agricultural department studying fungus.


Frankenstein no Koi is directed by Shunsuke Kariyama and Yoshinori Shigeyama, and it also stars Yuya Yagiri and Rina Kawaei. The theme song for the series, entitled "Bouningen" ("Stick Person"), is performed by RADWIMPS. Frankenstein no Koi will broadcast on NTV every Sunday during the 22:00 time slot beginning on April 23, 2017.



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