"BanG Dream!" Doujin Event Plans for 400 Circles -- Gets 9

Event to be sparsely attended by artists.

If you've ever been to a sparsely attended convention, you know it can be pretty rough. If you've ever worked for a sparsely attended convention, you know how awkward it gets when the attendance numbers don't come together. But We're hoping you've never had to deal with what Minna de BanG Dreamer! did.



The event, which takes place April 16 at Ota City Industral Plaza, advertised itself as a "BanG! Dream-only event," inviting doujin circles to come and sell their wares. Only 400 spaces would be offered, and registration closed at 11:59 PM on February 25.


Considering the anime was only six episodes along by the cutoff date for signups and a good portion of the tie-in material isn't out, it could be said that the event organizers were jumping the gun a bit. And the response seems to confirm that: of the 400 available spaces, only nine were filled.



Despite the low turnout, Minna de BanG Dreamer! seems to show no signs of cancelling. Their website is still open, and registration for circles has reopened twice (seemingly to no avail). It remains to be seen whether they'll open registration again and/or carry on with the event. Regardless, we wish them all the best and hope their fortunes turn around.


Source: Otakomu




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