Crunchyroll Adds Season Two of "Monster Strike" Anime to Spring Lineup

Starts tomorrow Sat/25

Hey Everyone,

We've got another new title hitting the Spring Lineup, as Anime Monster Strike 2nd season hits Crunchyroll Saturday, March 25 with Episode #0 at 3:10am PT for members worldwide except for Japan and China!

Monsters are just a daily fixture of life these days.

Ren, Aoi, Akira, and Minami have taken it upon themselves to clear the neighborhood of violent monsters.

Days pass, until a transfer student from America, Mana Livingston, appears in their class. Mana quickly becomes a friend as the gang bond over their monsters.

But a creeping shadow begins to lurk in the darkness, a harbinger of the danger to come.

A new chapter of Monster Strike is about to be written!

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