Is the World Ready for the "Ultraman the Rock" Album?

Tsuburaya-approved album features new rock covers of "Ultra" series songs by the Science Sound Special Players

Tsuburaya Productions is preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ultra Seven, the 2nd entry in the long-running Ultra series of tokusatsu TV series, with an album of rock music remixes of Ultra series theme songs entitled Ultraman the Rock.



The album features music by the Science Sound Special Players, a group composed of musicians from other bands such as Owarikara, Natsu no Mamono, and Friends. The track list includes:


  • "Ultra Seven's Song" (new recording)
  • "Ultraman A" (new recording)
  • "Brave Love, TIGA" (new recording)
  •  "Ultraman X" (new recording)
  • "Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero" (new recording)
  • "Main Theme of Ultra Q"
  • "Ultraman's Song"
  • "The Return of Ultraman"
  • "Ultraman Taro"
  • "Ultraman Leo"
  • "Ultraman 80"
  • "Bokura no Great", and 12 - 13 additional songs.



Ultraman the Rock will be released in Japan on June 07, 2017. The album retails for 2000 yen ($18.01 US) plus tax.




Science Sound Players Official Online Base


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