Say Hello to the Villains of "Resident Evil: Vendetta"

Three new screencaps show us Glenn Arias, Maria, and Diego.

The CG feature Resident Evil: Vendetta comes out next month -- and in advance of it, we have an early look at the upcoming film's baddies.



Newly released screencaps give us a closer look at baddies Glenn Arias, Maria, and Diego as they will appear in the film. Arias is a black market dealer wanted by Interpol. Maria and Diego are two of his subordinates, both of whom have undergone body modifications to varying degrees.


The three first appeared in a trailer released last December.



The film, which is being released in Japan as Biohazard: Vendetta, is being marketed as a soft reboot -- not resetting the universe, but allowing a foothold for new fans of properties such as PSYCHO-PASS to jump on board. It will be released May 27 in Japan and June 19 in North America.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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