TV Anime "Action Heroine Cheer Fruits" Latest PV Introduces Main Voice Cast, Staff

Diomedea (Girlish Number)-produced series will premiere in July 2017

The official website for the upcoming TV anime Action Heroine Cheer Fruits has been updated with a key visual featuring its nine main girls and posted a 60-second 1st PV introducing their visuals, voice cast members, and production staff members. The original series featuring a theatrical company of action heroines in a local city of Hinano is set to premiere on TBS an BS-TBS in the coming July.  


Story description:

Since one "heroine warrior" of a local city in Japan has attracted huge popularity and become a national star, other cities have also started having their own "heroine warriors." Now the most popular heroines' action live shows are the nationally popular contents among Japanese people. On the other hand, Hinano-city, which is a fruit production area, has failed to keep up with the trend. Misaki Shirogane, a high school girl who loves the city, is suggested by her aunt, the governor of the prefecture who has also felt a sense of danger in this situation, decides to produce Hinano-city's own action heroine theatrical




Character PV



Keu visual



Main Voice Cast:

Misaki Shirogane: M.A.O


Roko Kuroki: Rie Murakawa


An Akagi: Miku Ito


Mikan Kise: Erii Yamazaki


Mana Midorikawa: Yuuki Hirose


Yuuki Aoyama: Haruka Ishida

Genki Aoyama: Haruka Ishida

Hatsuri Momoi: Moe Toyota

Kanon Shimura: Haruka Shiraishi



Main Staff:


 Director: Keizo Kusakawa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, KanColle)

 Series Composition Writer: Naruhisa Arakawa (This Art Club Has a Problem!, Kamen Rider Kuuga)

 Character Designer: Naomi Ide (Riddle Story of Devil, KanColle)

 Music Production: Nippon Columbia

 Anime Production: Diomedea (Girlish Number, Fuuka)



Source: TV anime "Action Heroine Cheer Fruits" official website, Twitter 


© Cheer Fruits Production Committee


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