"Bravely Second: End Layer" Has Topped 700,000 Sales Worldwide

The "Bravely Default" sequel has done well for itself.

The official Bravely Second: End Layer Twitter account has released some impressive sales details for the Square Enix game, which launched two years ago. The game has since topped 700,000 worldwide sales since its debut in April 2015 in Japan.


The tweet announced the following:


“It’s been two years since Bravely Second was released. As a matter of fact, we learned recently that 700,000 units were sold worldwide, and Fairy’s Effect is also doing considerably well. That’s all I can say for now, but thank you once again to everyone who has given their support to Bravely.”


This is certainly an impressive number, so hopefully that means we might see additional titles in the series soon. If there are additional games, as always it’s our hope it’ll come westward as well. Have you enjoyed the Bravely series?


[via Gematsu]


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