Baking Bread: "Slow Bread" Commercials Enter a New Generation

Studio Ghibli animator continues anime commercial story for tenth anniversary.

Anime doesn't have to be a full-cour, half-hour-episode series to tell a story. Sometimes we get attached to short series, or even commercials. And in the case of Francois's "Slow Bread" line, the story of two young people in love in Europe is about to get a brand new stage.


Animated by Studio Ghibli alum Yoshiharu Sato, Slow Bread was created to promote a specific line of bread released by Francois. The story follows 17-year-old Cassis, her baker mother, and Cassis's sweetheart Arles, the architecture student. Sato, who worked on shows like Galaxy Express 999 and went on to help design and direct My Neighbor Totoro, worked with the bakery to create the characters and their story for the commercial series.


If you're not caught up with the story of Cassis and Arles so far, you can now see the previous commercials spliced together as a short film:



The latest addition to the series, titled "New Storybook," shows Cassis and Arles reuniting as their lives move forward together.



The Slow Bread series originally had a limited run in Kyushu. eventually spreading nationwide and getting a fan following. More information about the commercial series can be found on its official site.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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