Chinese Universities Lets You Take a Semester on "Detective Conan"

Hone your science and logic skills with courses based on the popular anime.

In the US, you can take courses on everything from The Walking Dead to Doctor Who. And universities abroad, it turns out, aren't much different: two universities in China are teaching students to take their cues from Detective Conan when it comes to understanding subject matter.



At the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, students can sign up for a course called "Detective Conan and Logical Reasoning," in which the show and its characters are studied as a way to improve logic skills. Meanwhile, at Changsha's Central South University, you can take a course following a similar approach for chemistry.


Lots of other franchises are inspiring courses around the country, too. For example, Guangzhou's Sun Yat-Sen University is currently offering a course that teaches genetics via the Harry Potter books. So, are they talking whether magic is dominant vs. recessive, or are they finally going to figure out why Harry didn't have his mother's eyes in the movie?


Source: My Game News Flash




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