Bridal Fantasy: Japanese Gamer Couple Has RPG Crossover Wedding

Check out photos from the "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Quest" themed occasion!

Themed wedding are becoming a big thing these days, especially for geeky couple who share an interest. And things are no different in Japan -- take it from Twitter user @106_hagi, whose brother and new sister-in-law celebrated the big day with a Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest themed ceremony and reception.



Each attendee of the ceremony got a "Bridal Fantasy" case (for the PS5.5, as the ceremony was held on May 5), featuring Yoshitaka Amano-style artwork. Inside was a reception seating chart featuring friends and family matched up to different game sprites. (Check out Sephiroth standing in for the father of the bride, and the groom's brother snuck in as Mr. Saturn!)



More imagery from the games showed up throughout the reception!




Source: Otakomu




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