X Japan Drummer Yoshiki to Have Emergency Surgery

Condition suffered due to herniated disc "would force a professional rugby player to retire."

It looks like Yoshiki will be benched until further notice. A press release from Resonance Marketing & Media states that the X Japan drummer will be undergoing emergency surgery in Los Angeles next week, after multiple doctors have determined that he is nearly past the point of recovery.



Yoshiki's intense drumming style led to him developing cervical foraminal stenosis, for which he underwent surgery in 2009. His performance and travel schedule, combined with the intensity of his work, have led to a herniated disc and the return of the condition. Doctor in both the US and Japan agree that if he does not undergo surgery soon, his health may be damaged permanently.


The symptoms resurfaced last October during the Visual Japan Summit festival, and by the time of his January performance at Carnegie Hall, Yoshiki had already lost all sensation in his left hand. He continued recording and performing regardless, saying he wanted to "see things through to the end," but surgery has become unavoidable.


Surgeons will be performing a cervical artifical disc replacement to correct Yoshiki's C5-6 disc herniation. The surgery will take place next Tuesday, May 16, in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this means that Yoshiki's ability to perform and appear at certain events will be postponed until he has recovered.


We wish him all the best for a speedy recover.


Source: Resonance Media & Marketing Services




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