Sailor School Uniform Girls Introduce 82 Sumo Techniques in Video

101st All Japan University Sumo Kanazawa Tournament will be held on May 21

To promote the upcoming 101st All Japan University Sumo Kanazawa Tournament to be held in Kanazawa-city, Ishikawa prefecture on May 21, Hokkoku Shimbun based on the city produced a two-minute PR video to introduce 82 sumo techniques performed by two high school girls in sailor uniform. The oldest amateur sport tournament in Japan started in 1915 to choose the strongest high school sumo wrestler, and has been held in every May.


The two "Sumo Girl" spent three days to film all techniques, from the 1st one "Oshitaoshi" (frontal push-down) to the 82nd "Syumokuzori" (bell hammer backwards body drop).


"Sumo Girls Eighty Two Techniques"



82 techniques introduced in the video


The two were so exhausted during the filming


Crank up!


From the previous tournament



Source: Hokkoku Shimbun press release


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