Yoshiki's Surgery a Success

Concert and performance dates to be rescheduled soon.

Last week, we reported that Yoshiki of X Japan would be going in for emergency cervical surgery in California. We have received word that the surgery was a success.



Yoshiki was recently diagnosed with cervical foraminal stenosis, which involved herniated discs and pain radiating down his left arm, brought on by his intense drumming style. He ignored the pain and played through it for several months, but multiple doctors recently agreed that if it continued untreated for much longer, it could cause irreversible damage.


The surgery was conducted at Cedar-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles on May 16 by Dr. Neel Anand. It reportedly lasted several hours and required a variety of intricate procedures, but was finally concluded successfully. Yoshiki will apparently have some difficulty using his voice as he recovers, but should regain it within the coming months.



Yoshiki's solo shows, as well as X Japan's upcoming summer performances, have been suspended indefinitely and will be rescheduled once it becomes clearer when Yoshiki will be able to take the stage again. He thanks his fans for their well-wishes and apologizes for any inconvenience his surgery may have caused.


Source: Yoshiki.net




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