Meet Three Main Cast of "Laughing in Purgatory" Stage Play

Wagakki Band provides the theme song "Yuki yo Mai chire Sochira ni Mukete"

The official website for the upcoming stage play adaptation of Kemuri Karakara's fantasy action manga Rengoku ni Warau/Laughing in Purgatory, a prequel story to the author's Donten ni Warau/Laughing Under the Clouds series, today posted photos and videos of its three main cast: Hiroki Suzuki as Sakichi Ishida, Tsubasa Sakiyama as Baren Kumou, and Ami Maejima as Okuni Kumou. The story is set 300 years before the Donten story and, as their last names suggest, Baren and Okuni are the ancestors of the three Kumou brothers in Donten.


It is also announced that "Yuki yo Mai chire Sochira ni Mukete," a song from eight-member group Waggaki Band's latest 3rd album "Shikisai" released in March, will be used as the theme song for the play. The play written/directed by Daisuke Nishida (Sengoku Basara, Joker Game) will be performed at Sunshine Theater in Tokyo from August 24 to September 3 and at Morinomiya Piloti Hall in Osaka on September 9 and 10.



Main visual



Hiroki Suzuki as Sakichi Ishida



Tsubasa Sakiyama as Baren Kumou



Ami Maejima as Okuni Kumou



Wagakki Band


"Yuki yo Mai chire Sochira ni Mukete" MV



"Rengoku ni Warau" manga 1st and 6th volume covers



Source: "Rengoku ni Warau" stage play official website


©karakarakemuri / MAG Garden


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