Magic and Passion Clash in "Dance with Devils-Fortuna-" Trailer

Compilation film for 2015 musical / supernatural / romance anime hits theaters in Japan in November


A new key visual (above) and trailer (below) have been published for Dance with Devils-Fortuna-, an upcoming theatrical anime compilation film of the 2015 Dance with Devils musical / supernatural / romance anime. A condensation of the TV series that takes the story in a different direction, Dance with Devils-Fortuna- features new animation cuts, newly recorded dialog, and 6 new songs.



Dance with Devils -Fortuna- is directed by Ai Yoshimura and features animation by Brain's Base. The film hits theaters in Japan on November 04, 2017. The original Dance with Devils TV anime is available via online streaming from Funimation, who described the story as follows:



"From Rejet, the original creator of Diabolik Lovers, and Brain’s Base, the studio behind Princess Jellyfish, comes a devilish tale of high school seduction. Second-year student Ritsuka Tachibana has the perfect school-to-life balance, but all of that’s thrown into chaos when she discovers that several of her handsome male classmates are actually demons in disguise."


Source: Ota-suke


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