My Neighbor "Tote-oro": Cute Totes for Ghibli Fans

Merch maker Ensky releases "My Neighbor Totoro" bags and coin purses.


Show your love for Studio Ghibli with the latest adorable merch release: Totoro tote bags, and they look as cuddly and friendly as the critter whose likeness they share. The bags will be sold at post offices and post office websites all around Japan.



The totes were released by merch maker Ensky, which also handles a few other Ghibli properties. The bags measure 28 cm x 35 cm x 9 cm and cost 1,550 each.


Also available are two other little goodies: a coin pouch and a puzzle.



The zippered pouch can be used for coins, keys, stamps, or anything else that might get lost in a bigger bag. It features a strap that you can use to clip the pouch to a bag or belt loop, or that you can remove entirely. The pouch with its tiny dancing Small Totoros costs 1,250 yen.



And finally -- appropriately for post offices -- there will be a special "letter puzzle" pack. The package contains a 30-piece puzzle, along with an envelope and seals. Assemble the puzzle, write a letter on the back of it as you would a postcard, then take it apart and send the pieces to a friend! The set costs 700 yen.


All items can be picked up at various post offices around Japan, or by visiting JP Post's official website.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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