"Fate/Grand Order" Smartphone RPG Dated For English Release

"Fate/Grand Order - First Order" English dub to be presented at Anime Expo

The English version of hit smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order had been announced for "summer 2017." Well, summer now has a specific date. The release is now scheduled for June 25th on iOS and Android.


See more at http://fate-go.us/



Aniplex of America also announced today at their industry panel at A-Kon that they will be producing the English dub of Fate/Grand Order - First Order - and premiering it exclusively at Anime Expo in Los Angeles this summer. The star studded English cast features Griffin Burns (Anohana –The Flower We Saw That Day TV, Charlotte) as Ritsuka Fujimaru, Erica Mendez (Your lie in April, Magi franchise) as Mash Kyrielight, and Kira Buckland (Blue Exorcist series, The Asterisk War series) as Olga Marie Animusphere. Tony Oliver (Fate series, Magi franchise, Charlotte), who is the voice director for this feature, is also a cast member as Cú Chulainn.

About Fate/Grand Order - First Order -:
The year is AD 2017
The last era in which magecraft still thrived.

The Chaldea Security Organization was founded to focus on preserving the continuation of human history. They observe a world which magecraft couldn’t observe and science couldn’t measure all to prevent the certain extinction of humanity. But one day, the future that Chaldea continued to observe disappears and humanity’s extinction in 2019 becomes clear. Rather, it had already happened.
The cause seems to be related to Fuyuki, a provincial town in Japan, in the year

AD 2004. There, an “unobservable region” that had not existed before appears.
Based on the assumption that Fuyuki is the reason for humanity’s extinction, Chaldea issues an order to explore, investigate, and possibly destroy this singularity – a quest for the Holy Grail: the Grand Order.

For details on Fate/Grand Order – First Order -, please visit: http://fategrandorderusa.com

Original Works: TYPE-MOON
Story: Kinoko Nasu
Original Character Design: Takashi Takeuchi
Director: Hitoshi Namba
Assistant Director: Takuro Tsukada
Screenplay: Ayumi Sekine
Character Designer: Keisuke Goto
Design Works: Takashi Akaishizawa
Color Setting: Satoshi Takezawa
Art Design: Takeshi Sato
Art Director: Takuya Ebisawa
Director of Photography: Shinya Matsui
Edit: Go Sadamatsu
Music: Ryo Kawasaki
Theme Song: "Shikisai" Maaya Sakamoto (Flyingdog)
Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera
Sound Production: HALF H・P STUDIO
Production: Lay-duce

Ritsuka Fujimaru: Nobunaga Shimazaki / Griffin Burns
Mash Kyrielight: Rie Takahashi / Erica Mendez
Olga Marie Animusphere: Madoka Yonezawa / Kira Buckland
Romani Archaman: Kenichi Suzumura / Xander Mobus
Leff Lynor: Tomokazu Sugita / Jalen K. Cassell
Cú Chulainn: Nobutoshi Kanna / Tony Oliver
Emiya: Junichi Suwabe / Kaiji Tang
Medusa: Yuu Asakawa / Melissa Fahn
Altria Pendragon (Alter): Ayako Kawasumi / Kari Wahlgren


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