Watch Highlights from "Kemono Friends" Stage Play Dress Rehearsal!

Advance tickets for the nine performances are already sold out

Before the opening of June 14, the much anticipated stage play based on the Kemono Friends franchise showed its dress rehearsal to the Japanese press. All of the TV anime voice cast members of the animal girl characters, including the three of Doubutsu Biscuits and the five of PPP (PePaPu), play their characters on the stage as well. However, one of the protagonists in the TV anime, Kaban is not included in the list.


The story centers on the birth of Okapi (played by Hotaru Nomoto, best known as Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon musical) from the Sandstar and the concert for the upcoming Memorial Festival for the Japari Park. It is written and directed by Hiroki Murakami, the leader of Tokyo-based theater company Sessya Meuniere, and this is his second adaptation work based on Japanese anime/game franchise, following Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Katsugeki! in March 2016.


The Kemono Friends stage play is scheduled to perform at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club EX in Tokyo

nine times from June 14 to 18. Since the advance tickets were immediately sold out, two performances

have been added on 15 and 16. Its final day performance of June 18 will be live-streamed on GYAO!'s

25stage service at the price of 2,500 yen (about 22.85 US dollars).




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Cast interviews

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