"Naruto Online" Celebrates First Anniversary with New 3.0 Update

New level cap, other features added

The English incarnation of Naruto Online mmorpg game is now commemorating its first anniversary. Here's an update on new features via Bandai Namco's press release:




1:G R O U P  S U M M O N S

Group Summons Instances are now divided in 3 stages:

l Defeat all creatures to advance to the 2nd Stage. If players are unable to defeat all creatures from the 1st Stage, players will automatically enter the 2nd Stage 10 minutes after the 1st Stage of the instance started.

l Defeat creatures to get special items. These items can be used to enhance your units during the Summon Capture instance. These items will automatically lose their effect after the Summon Capture instance ends.


2:B A T T L E F I E L D  C O M M A N D E R

l Once the Summon Capture instance starts, the Battlefield Commander will be waiting at the revival point.

l The Battlefield Commander will inform you on how many items you have gathered and their effects.


3:S T R O N G  A P P R O A C H I N G

l Create the best Lineup and participate in Strong Approaching in a Team of up to 3 players! You can now obtain Group Contributions and Group Victories from clearing instances from Strong Approaching.The more members your Team consists of, the more the rewards you will get for clearing a Strong Approaching instance!

l You can get extra attempts by creating Teams of up to 3 players who belong to the same Group as the one you are in. Participate in a Team with members of your Group to get extra Group Contributions, Group Victories and even Summon Chakra Packs!



The level cap will be increased! Players can now reach Lv. 95 with all their units.


5:N I N J A  B O N D I N G

l Meet 4 new ninjas at your Home! Players can now invite Konan, Sasori, Asuma and Ino! Amazing, right?! A new button to “Chat with Everyone” will also be added to Ninja Bonding. Even more ninjas will be added later on!

l Ninjas whom you have not chatted with during a given day will have a “!” displayed on the top of their heads so that it becomes easier for players to identify these ninjas!

If you are far away from the ninja with whom you wish to chat, you can now directly teleport to that ninja’s location.


The major feature of Naruto Online is restore everything in original work. In this game,

Player can collect ninja characters in original work., The nin-jutsu is as the same as the anime. But the game has more interesting feature, you could group the ninja as you like. You can build up the different team to fight against the different battle. If you like Naruto Shippuden, If you also like to play games. Join us!!!


Naruto Online Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/naruto.en/

Official website:http://url.oasgames.com/KW

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