"Re:Creators" Creator Reacts To "Newtype" Character Rankings Victory

The anime has recently added TrySail's Shiina Natsukawa, Jun Fukushima and Nobuhiko Okamoto

Anime magazine Newtype's character rankings can be fun, with their inclusions of divisive character from Gundam or Code Geass, or from Five Star Stories (a manga that the magazine runs) and the like. In terms of taking them seriously... well, they're fun. Still, Rei Hiroe, creator of Re:Creators (and Black Lagoon) seemed to react with genuine delight that the series' Selesia Uptiria topped the female rankings (plus Meteora Osterreich at #10, with male lead Sota Mizushino at #3 and Yuya Mirokuji at #8). 


In a Tweet, he said he was shocked to see the character at the top of the thing, adding that he was grateful for the recognition.


 Also, from the anime creators' visit to the themed cafe...


The anime has recently added TrySail's Shiina Natsukawa as Hikayu Yoshikawa


Jun Fukushima as Nishio Ohnishi



Nobuhiko Okamoto as Sho Hakua



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