"Ultraman Taro" Punches Its Way to Remastered Blu-Ray

Tsubuyray's tenth-anniversary series will be getting the HD treatment this winter.


After nearly 45 years, Ultraman Taro is going to see a high-end BD release in Japan. Not only that -- the team is working to make it feel like you're actually there, watching when it first aired.


Ultraman Taro was the sixth in the Ultra series, as well as being Tsuburuya's tenth anniversary production. It attempted to be more kid-friendly than previous (and, as it would happen, later) releases. The show ran 53 episodes total, introducing the character of Mother Ultra and paving the way for Taro to appear in later shows.


The new BD set will contain all 53 episodes on 8 discs, restored to "HD 2.0" levels. But rather than being remastered from digital copies, the video is being pulled from the original analog prints. The finished product will not be pristine, but rather preserve and accentuate teh original feel of the video quality from its 1973 run.



The set will also include a ninth disc, featuring staff interviews and a look behind the scenes at the restoration process.


The Ultraman Taro Blu-ray BOX will retail for 49,800 yen before tax and goes on sale in December.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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