Smells Like Senshi Spirit: New "Sailor Moon" Hair Fragrances

Sailor Moon and Venus Spa team up to bring you Scout style.


Sailor Moon has always had an element of beauty to it, showing little girls that it's okay to be tough and pretty. And as fans are growing up, so are the beauty products. The latest, a collaboration with Venus Spa, is a scented hair mist that nourishes your hair while making it smell fantastic.


Since it's Sailor Moon, there are (of course) five varieties themed to the original Inner Guardians. The Moon scent offers "Pink Bouquets and Baby Peaches," Mercury is "White Tea and Orchids," Mars is "Roses and White Flowers," Jupiter is "Green Roses and Jasmine," and Venus is "Plum and Fragrant Olives."



Each fragrance comes in a misting bottle decorated with art of its respective Guardian, and the set of five arrives in a white carry case with all five featured on the front.


Premium Bandai is now taking preorders for the set, which will ship out in late August. The set of five and carry bag retails for 7,182 yen. Limited quantities will be sold via Otona Women's Character Beauty Shop, and in September individual bottles will be available for sale at drugstores around the country.


Source: Mantan Web




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