Shoegaze Idol Group"........." Makes Its Major Label Debut Next Month

Idol group takes its sound after late 80s British shoegaze scene

Dots promo image


There are idol groups for every taste in Japan, but they all usually pump out pop music. Now, an underground idol unit is preparing to step out of the shadows of the underground and into the mainstream with its first major label release next month called "Tokyo". In keeping with the unit's concept, they have no official name, simply calling themselves ".........". This has led fans and media to label them "Dots" or "Dotts Tokyo" and so far that name has stuck.


The group's sound recalls shoegaze bands like My Dying Bride, Slowdive and Lush, with pop vocals, shimmering guitars and long passages, however they do manage to throw in bits of straight noise in the vein of Merzbow and Masonna during live shows and in their major label debut. Their first album will also feature the distinction of being one 70-minute long track, with the joining transitions being written by ambient musician Hakobune, effectively making the three track album into one continuous experience.



I'm not big on the idol thing, but I am a huge shoegaze fan. From what I've seen of Dots, I think I have an excuse to follow them now. 


via Natalie and Arama!Japan

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