Newly-Designed Venom Vamdemon Undead will Appear in "Digimon Adventure tri." Stage Play

Highly anticipated play will run from in Tokyo 10 times from August 5 to 13.

The official Twitter for "Super Evolution Stage Digimon Adventure tri. - The Adventure of August 1-," the upcoming stage play adaptation of the six-part anime film project Digimon Adventure tri. today posted an illustration of Venom Vamdemon Undead, a new demon beast that is confirmed to appear in the play.


The new form of Venom Vamdemon previously appeared in the Digimon Adventure TV anime and Digimon Xros Wars Part III: The Boy Hunters Who Leapt Through Time is newly designed for the play by Kenji Watanabe, the character designer of the Digimon series. While the play uses puppets to perform the scenes with other partner Digimon characters, how to show Venom Vamdemon Undead on the stage has been kept secret.


It is also confirmed that a footage to show MetalGreymon's evolution to WarGreymon, which will be

included in the anime's next 5th chapter "Kyousei/Symbiosis" to be released on September 30, will

be screened in the stage play first.



Tentomon Puppet


Tentomon and Palmon



The stage play tells a side story of the ongoing anime series tri. The eight main characters visit a campsite

where a secret is hidden on August 1, the special day for all of them. It is scheduled to be performed at

Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi in Tokyo 10 times from August 5 to 13. 




Main Cast:


 Taichi Yagami: Gaku Matsumoto (24/Yakumo "Cloud" Kato/Aoninger in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)

 Yamato Ishida: Shohei Hashimoto (23/Yu Nishinoya in Hyper Projection Stage Haikyu!)

 Koushiro Izumi: Kaiesi Kamimura (20/Ichiro Kaneda in The Prince of Tennis Musical)

 Joe Kido: Junya Komatsu (23/Keito Hasumi in Ensemble Stars! on Stage)

 Takeru Takaishi: Kenta Nomiyama (21)





Source: "Digimon Adventure tri." official Japanese website, Twitter


© Akiyoshi Hongo/Toei Animation


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