Anime-Planet Adds Webcomics To Its Platform With "Unboy"

Comic goes live today with companion Kickstarter for physical version underway

Unboy hero

Online anime community and anime database platform Anime-Planet has announced that it has added webcomics to its online platform with the addition of Unboy from Korean manwha author and artist Narack (Sung Lim). Below, comments from Lim on the new development:

“I’m thrilled to be working with a company for and by fans that supports authors and artists who want to branch out to a North American audience.”  Currently, Lim is in the process of Kickstarting a physical version of UNBOY. If funded, fans will not only be able to read the entirety of Lim’s comic on Anime-Planet, but will also be able to read the title in a physical book version. 

Anime-Planet will release future chapters of UNBOY every 2 weeks, and has plans to add more titles in the near future.

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