"Eureka Seven" Gets Fashionable for Clothing Store Collaboration

LHP celebrates film release with limited-edition goods and ukiyo-e art.


With Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution just around the corner, lots of people are getting in on the excitement. Latest to join the list is LHP (short for Lazy Hazy Planet), a multi-designer clothing store, who will be running Eureka Seven-related tie-ins at several of their locations around Japan.


Customers will be able to pick up apparel and home goods featuring new ukiyo-e style art of characters and places from the series. Designed by up-and-coming artist TAKUMI, the art puts a traditional spin on the modern favorite.



In addition, 67 lucky store visitors will receive a Eureka Seven gift pack valued at over 5,000 yen, including posters, badges, ad towels.


The event is running for a very limited time -- August 11-13. Check out the LHP website for more information.


Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution opens in Japan September 16.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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