Microsoft Gives Surface Pro A Bishoujo Personification, Looks For Help To Name Her

Manga artist Ryusuke "Ryu Moto" Hamamoto designed the character

The Surface Pro, the Surface Pen and Surface Dial, with a nod to the mythical mirror, sword and jewel, Microsoft Japan is calling them Three Sacred Treasures of Painting. These are now joining the family of Microsoft products and services to get bishoujo/cute girl personifications for the region. This time, they've tapped manga artist Ryusuke "Ryu Moto" Hamamoto (Ultimate Girls, Petit Eva: [email protected], that Alan Moore doujinshi) to do the honors.



In Akihabara camera shop this weekend, they will be promoting the character with a sticker give-away and chance to win a tapestry.


And, through August 25th, they're running a Twitter social media campaign, asking for character naming suggestions and rewarding the best with the Surface Pro/Pen/Dial.


Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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