Watch First Live-Action CMs for "BanG Dream!" Featuring Anime VAs!

The rhythm&adventure game has attracted three million users

The official YouTube channel for the BanG Dream! franchise has posted two live-action CMs for its BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! smartphone game featuring the six anime voice actresses playing as a rock band. The rhythm & adventure game produced by Craft Egg started its service in March 2017 and has attracted three million registered users in Japan.


The first video "Dokidoki Taiikukan (gymnasium)" features the five members of the franchise's main girls band Poppin' Party: Aimi (Kasumi Toyama/guitar, vocal), Ayasa Ito (Arisa Ichigaya/keyboard), Rimi Nishimoto (Rimi Ushigome/bass), Sae Ohtsuka (Tae Hanazono/lead guitar), and Ayaka Ohashi (Saaya Yamabuki/drums).


"Dokidoki Taiikukan" edition




The second video "Kirakira Pool" features 20-year-old voice actress Miku Ito, who is playing Kokoro Tsurumaki,

the vocalist of another girls band Hello, Happy World!.


"Kirakira Pool" edition


Hello, Happy World!'s 1st single "Egao no Orchestra!" CM (August 2, 2017 release)


CD jacket


via: "BanG Dream!" official website


©BanG Dream! Project


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