"Harajuku Rascal Shop" Continues Raccoon's Anniversary Celebration

Crossover merch features Japan's favorite invasive species.


World Masterpiece Theater's Rascal the Raccoon became bigger than Mickey Mouse and led to an infestation of North American raccoons in Japan... but everyone's still welcoming him this anniversary year. It's been 40 years since the anime series aired, and he's popped up at toy stores, art exhibits, and his own collab cafes. Next up is the Harajuku Rascal Shop, selling some adorable pastel goods.


The pop-up shop will debut at OMOHARA STATION on September 1, selling merch with a yume kawaii theme. The theme is elaborated upon as being "cute, like you would see in a dream." The key art depicts Rascal frolicking on unicorn-back, and will be featured on a variety of limited-edition merchandise.



There will also be Rose of Versailles crossover goods available -- a joke made because in Japanese, "Oscar" (osukaru) and "Rascal" (rasukaru) are spelled very similarly.


U.S. brand Outdoor Products will also be offering collaborative goods, featuring crossovers with Attack on Titan and popular character Capybara-san.



And, of course, it wouldn't be a collaboration without some themed treats. Visitors to the Harajuku Rascal Shop can enjoy some ice cream snacks with a Rascal twist.



The pop-up shop will be open until October 1.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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