"ARIA The AVVENIRE" Special Long PV Posted for Blu-ray Release on September 6

The three episodes were screened in September 2016 for the anime's 10th anniversary

To promote the upcoming Blu-ray release on September 6, the official website for ARIA The AVVENIRE, the three-episode OVA project based on Kozue Amano's fantasy manga series ARIA, today posted a 140-second special long version PV introducing the highlights from the episodes.


As part of the anime series's 10th anniversary project, the three-episode OVA was first screened in selected theaters for a limited time from September 26, 2016. Then each episode was separately included in the Blu-ray box sets of the three TV series: ARIA The ANIMATION (2005), ARIA The NATURAL (2006), and ARIA The ORIGINATION (2008), released from December 2015 to June 2016. And due to the requests from the fans, the release of the Blu-ray that contains the all three episodes in one 60-minute disc was announced in May. The set also comes with a bonus DVD that includes two stage reading parts by the voice actresses from the events in June 2016 and April 2017.


"ARIA The AVVENIRE" Blu-ray special long PV



Blu-ray set


80-second trailer


Main visual



Source: "ARIA The AVVENIRE" official website


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