Magical Eats Coming to "Magical Circle Guru Guru" Collab Cafe

Limited-edition merchandise will also be available.


Magical Circle Guru Guru is celebrating its 21st century reboot in style, and they're serving up treats for its fans! The HARAJYUKU BOX CAFE&SPACE will be getting a makeover as the heroic cafe "Nikeya" for a special collaboration where fans can sample themed dishes and drinks and pick up limited-edition merchandise.



Naturally, you'll be able to grab Nike's "Hero's Lunch." Also on the menu so far are (pictured below) the Old Kita Kita Man's rice balls, Bemu Bemu Tiramisu, and Kukuri's Guru Guru Pancakes.



There are also plans for pasta, takoyaki, and chocolate parfait dishes. Drinks will include six "Guru Guru" sodas, each themed to a different main character.


The cafe has also started previewing some of its exclusive merchandise:


Acrylic keychain (random selection): 650 yen each

Pinback button (random selection): 500 yen each

Ballpoint pen: 600 yen each

Tote Bag: 1,500 yen

Canvas Art: 3,500 yen

Acrylic Swizzle Stick: 950 yen each

Illustrated Notebook: 650 yen

Clearfile: 450 yen each

Masking Tape: 1,200 yen

The cafe runs from September 1-October 1. Signature reservations are now open, with general reservations open from August 23-28. Reservations require a 600 yen fee in advance, and include one of six random stickers:



>> Magical Circle Guru Guru Cafe Site

Source: Animate Times




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